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Life is better when we make time to play and explore new things.  Such a life keeps us feeling young, and helps us grow.  It helps us connect with those close to us, and learn more about the world around us.

To promote this way of life, A Playful Mind strives to creatively swirl the concepts of learning and play together into unique, engaging products.  Many are available in DIY format, which we believe provides the most enriching experience, in addition to being planet- and budget-friendly.


So, please take a stroll through the website (frolicking is also encouraged) to learn more about the games, toys, and educational activities designed to stimulate your playful mind.


Other Places to Find Our Products


Educational activities, clip art & printables


Posters, puzzles, coloring murals, and other playful gifts


Assets for game developers and downloadable games


Assets for game developers

A Playful Mind's products are available in several online and offline locations.

Need help finding something?  Just ask!

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