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Think twice before taking out your recycling!  With our printable Build-A-Town re-covers, you can turn empty boxes into adorable shops and houses for your very own town!

Free printable roads for Build-A-Town by A Playful Mind

Available for purchase through our store:

Build-A-Town by A Playful Mind

Build-A-Town Bank

Every town needs a bank to safeguard its citizens' money!  This stately and secure Savings & Loan building also comes with an ATM machine and other accessories.


Build-A-Town Diner

You may recognize the Good Eats Diner from our town roll.  The Re-Cover version features the same charming burger painting up front and the fixin's-like dining tables in the back.  You'll also get a selection of signs and a coordinated bunting to create a custom look.

Build-A-Town Ice Cream Shop

An old-fashioned ice cream shop to sweeten up your Build-A-Town world.  Includes a drive-thru window in the back and lots of signs for customizing.  Want a candy store instead?  There's a sign for that, too!

Build-A-Town Department Store

The department store is a must-have to add variety to your Build-A-Town world.  This is a taller building, similar to the hotel, and it includes 10 different store windows filled with fascinating merchandise.  Plus, you get two folding sign decorations to entice your townsfolk to stop window shopping and come on in!

Build-A-Town Fancy Restaurant

Ooh la la!  Fancy dining comes to Build-A-Town!  This is an eye-catching building sure to add a touch of class anywhere you place it.  Accessorize with rose bushes, an alternate window style, and a coordinating bunting.

Build-A-Town Night Club

Add some glamor and flash to your Build-A-Town world with the Night Club!  It comes with plenty of night life accessories, including posters, a small bunting, and two sets of velvet ropes, and a VIP entrance in the back.

Build-A-Town Hotel

A classic hotel to accommodate guests in your town!  The hotel is taller than many of our other buildings, yet still fits common pudding and gelatin mix boxes.  It comes with a luggage trolley accessory to customize your scene.

Build-A-Town Roads

No town is complete without a few avenues, boulevards, and sidewalks!  This free printable includes 2 each of straight and curved road sections scaled to fit your Build-A-Town buildings.  To use, just print as many as you need and tape them together in creative layouts to grow your town!

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