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Special Order a Custom Product

Many of the products on this site can be customized to meet your needs.  For example, we can personalize scenes with the name of a person or organization, tweak a color scheme, or even incorporate your own images into our artwork.  Or we can make something completely original, just for you!  So, tell us what's on your playful mind, and how we can help make it happen!


Here are a few examples of the types of custom projects available (more below).  Whatever you have in mind, let's talk about it!

Activity scene from A Playful Mind

Personalized gifts featuring our artwork redone with your names, places, and photos; a low cost/high impact option

Activity scene from A Playful Mind

Curriculum for classrooms, homeschool, study groups, and individuals of all ages; original, fun & effective

Activity scene from A Playful Mind

Custom illustrations, board games, apps, books, puzzles, and more; turn your ideas in to reality

Whether you need a brand new, one-of-a-kind gift, or help making an existing project more "Playful," you can count on friendly, professional service from an experienced designer who is committed to your success.

Actual customer comments, edited for length and privacy.

You read our minds... Beautiful! ... Thank you so much!

More Examples of Current and Past Projects

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