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Privacy Policy

In this day and age, it takes a lot of work for a company to protect the privacy of its customers.  It’s much more profitable to collect all the information you can get out of them and use it to further your own interests, or share it with numerous business partners.  But that’s not Playful -- it’s gross.

We see you, our customers, as our friends, and we treat your privacy accordingly.


Below is a detailed explanation of what A Playful Mind does with what it knows about its friends.


Clarification of Roles

A website is like a machine with many moving parts working together to provide you with what you came to see.  For clarification, here are the definitions of those parts:

  • A Playful Mind (AKA “us” or “we”) is a company that develops and sells digital products for your enjoyment.  These products are sold through various websites on the internet, including

  • is a website hosted by, Ltd. (AKA “Wix”).  Wix provides the e-commerce platform, storage, databases, and other functionality that make A Playful Mind’s website work.

  • Both Wix and A Playful Mind also get help from other companies (AKA “Third-Parties”) for things like email, security, fraud prevention, advanced website features, performance measurement, and payment processing.


The privacy policy you’re reading now covers the actions and responsibilities of A Playful Mind to protect visitors on this website.  It does not supersede or impact the privacy policies of other websites, marketplaces, or mobile apps that contain A Playful Mind’s content.  For Wix and other Third-Parties that may have access to your information during the delivery of services on this website, please see the links provided at the bottom of this page.  Each service has its own privacy policy, typically linked in the footer of the home page.


Links or references to other websites or organizations are for the information and convenience of our customers.  We are not responsible for the content, actions, or privacy policies of any other website or organization.  (Obviously, we try to not link to any bad guys’ websites.  If we have, please let us know!)


How we Communicate with You
If you contact us, we will reply using the email address and/or phone number that you provide.  


If you place an order, you will receive one or more automated emails that contain your purchase receipt and other updates as your order is processed.  We will personally contact you by email and/or phone if there is a problem with your order.

You may also choose to join our mailing list for updates on A Playful Mind’s products and services.  This is a voluntary, opt-in service, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.  A link to manage your subscription (and other data) is included at the bottom of all mailing list emails, or you may contact us directly by email to request cancellation of your subscription.

Use of Non-Personally-Identifying Information
We use carefully selected website analytics software that helps us understand how people find and use our website.  The software accesses general, non-personally-identifying information provided by each visitor’s web browser, such as the type of browser and operating system they use, what pages on our website they visit, and the region or country from which their internet connection originates.  Web servers use this information to ensure you view web pages in a format that is best suited to the capabilities of your computer or device.  If your browser provides it, we also see what link or search you used to get to our website.  We use this internally to learn how people find out about our products, and what pages on our website are being talked about elsewhere on the web.  We make no attempts to identify, learn about, or track individual visitors. (You’re great, but we have other things to do.  No offense.)

Use of Personally-Identifying Information
If you order a product or service through A Playful Mind’s website, or if you contact us through email or a web form, it’s necessary for us to receive some personally-identifying information in order to process your request.  This most commonly includes your name, email address, and possibly phone number if you want us to call you.  For purchases paid with a credit card, like any other business, we’ll also need your billing address in order to submit the transaction.  This information will not be used for anything other than the product, service, or support that you request.

When you order something from the website, we do our best to ensure that your payment is processed through the most secure credit card processing available to us.  This includes Wix’s encrypted checkout service, and Stripe (for credit card payments) and PayPal (for PayPal and credit card payments).  These are highly-reputable, industry-leading payment gateways with the highest level of security certification.  Throughout each transaction, they keep your information encrypted, private, and secure.


You can find more information about these Third-Party payment processing services, including their own privacy polices, in the links below.


Use of Cookies
This site uses cookies (small text files stored on your computer) to facilitate the activities described above, as well as to keep you logged in to your account as you browse the site and remember any preferences you set.  In addition, since some of our products are sold on other websites, we may use a cookie and/or referral link to take you to the other site to complete your purchase.  Some of these cookies go away once you close your browser, and some stay on your computer longer so they can be reused the next time you visit the site.  All cookies can be blocked or erased through the settings in your web browser.  Unfortunately, some aspects of the website rely on the data stored in the cookie file, and may stop working as expected if you block them.

Disclosure of Visitor Information
A Playful Mind reserves the right to, though does not regularly, share non-personally identifying information (browser version, IP address, country, etc.) in the following situations:

  • If needed, we may share visitor data in aggregate form with website hosts or developers in order to troubleshoot and improve the website functionality.

  • From time to time, we may share visitor data in aggregate form with professional business analysts to improve our products and services.


A Playful Mind may disclose personally-identifying information in the following situations:

  • We will share relevant PII with third-party services as required to process online payments, fulfill orders, or otherwise perform the services requested and expected by the affected customer.

  • We will share relevant individual visitor data when required by law enforcement or government officials.

  • We will share relevant individual visitor data with website hosts and law enforcement in order to investigate or prevent suspected hacking, theft, fraud, or other illegal activity as it pertains to A Playful Mind’s website, intellectual property, and rights.

Children under 13
While our products are designed for playful minds of all ages, our website is intended for grown ups.  We do not knowingly collect or maintain personally-identifying information from anyone under the age of 13.  Minors may view and download free content with the consent of a parent or guardian, but they may not create an account on this website or make a purchase.

Parents & guardians:  If you know that your child has registered an account on this website, you may contact us to have the account closed and information deleted.

Removing Personal Information
To request full removal of your account and personal information from our databases, please contact us.  Keep in mind that this may prevent you from accessing information pertaining to your previous purchases through our website.


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