Fashionista Design Workbook

Fashionista Design Workbook


Can't wait to get started designing?  Then you want the Fashionista Design Workbook!  It's an instant download -- just print it out and you're in business!


This fun printable book features 11 pages with 14 unique designs, each a whopping 10" tall.  This is our largest outfit size, providing the most room for elaborate patterns and other details.  At this size, you could even use them with paper dolls!  At the back, you'll find a full page of buttons, pockets, zippers and other accessories to cut out and embellish your designs.


Download your instant fashion design portfolio and get started now!

  • Print single-sided if you want to be able to cut out your outfits, or double-sided to keep them in a book format.
  • If you'll be coloring with crayons or colored pencils, standard printer paper works perfectly.  If you plan to use paint or markers, you may want to use thicker paper for best results.