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Art Appreciation

Long before Where's Waldo and Hidden Object mobile games, there was... art! Not all art was meant to be appreciated from afar, with one hand on your chin while you contemplate the deeper meaning of the imagery. Sometimes you have to look closely to appreciate the subtle secrets of an artist's work. Here are some fun examples to check out:

Apartment From Art of Living

by Saul Steinberg

From the famous New Yorker cartoonist, Saul Steinberg, explore the unique lives of the residents of this apartment building. Can you find all the mice? Lamps? People taking a bath?

Tribuna of the Uffizi

by Johann Zoffany

If you think painting one masterpiece is hard, what about painting an entire roomful? Zoffany was commissioned by the Queen of Britain to capture the fine art on display in this Italian gallery. Needless to say, he went overboard and the result was a cluttered eyesore that took 6 years to complete. However, the painstaking detail in the recreations of each painting and scultpture, plus the portraits of the numerous diplomats and other gallery visitors, makes this one of the most fascinating paintings in history. Look closely - how many pieces on display here do you recognize?

Netherlandish Proverbs

by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Over 112 Flemish proverbs and idioms are illustrated in this complex scene by Pieter Bruegel. The original intention was to capture the foolishness of man, so you'll find quite a few that are recognizable in any language or century. Can you find warnings against "banging your head against a brick wall," or "the blind leading the blind?"

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